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MediaMister ReviewMediaMister Review
December 25, 2019

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MediaMister Review

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MediaMister Review: In Brief

We placed an order with MediaMister for 1,000 Instagram Followers and 1,000 Instagram Likes, evaluating every aspect of the service provided from start to finish. In terms of both product quality and customer support, we were genuinely impressed with MediaMister’s approach.

Delivery of the Followers we ordered was prompt, our questions answered professionally, and the retention guarantee MediaMister provides is extremely reassuring. Given the surprisingly low prices across the entire product collection, MediaMister earns our full recommendation as a solid and dependable social specialist.

MediaMister Review: In Depth

About MediaMister

Now in its sixth year of operations, MediaMister has been around for longer than most. Established in the United States by a team of digital marketing specialists, the company focuses on the provision of authentic social proof for businesses and private customers alike.

Placing our order for Instagram Followers and Likes couldn’t have been easier. The MediaMister website lists an endless catalog of services spanning all popular social networks. Along with Instagram, promotional packages are available for Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, SoundCloud, GooglePlus, Pinterest, Snapchat, Vine and many more besides.

Service Plans

We choose to buy Instagram Followers and Likes this time, but MediaMister also offers Instagram Comments, Mentions, Emoji Comments and targeted social proof from several countries worldwide.

Terms and Guarantees

We always examine the terms and conditions published by the social sellers we work with, along with any warranties or guarantees that accompany their services. You’ll to find full details of our findings below:

Terms and Conditions

  • MediaMister has a standard Terms of Service.
  • They reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

Privacy Policy

  • The company has a standard Privacy Policy.
  • They guarantee the confidentiality of every customer and do not sell or distribute personal information for marketing purposes.

Refund Policy

  • MediaMister offers a 30-day refund period.
  • They also have a 100% Money-Back Guarantee for orders not completed within the agreed time.

Retention Policy

  • The company offers a 180-day (variable) Retention Guarantee for all services.


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Customer Support

MediaMister can be contacted in a number of ways, though we found the Live Chat facility to be the quickest and easiest of all. Just hit the ‘Contact’ button to reach out to a member of the support team.

Pre-Order Questions and Responses

Almost all of our contact with the MediaMister support team took place via Live Chat. As always, we sent the team a series of relatively standard questions, in order to gauge their responses and timeliness accordingly. A representative responded via Live Chat within a few minutes and provided the following answers:

Our Questions

How long will our Likes and Followers take to arrive?

The delivery process usually takes around 48 hours to 72 hours to complete.

What if they don't arrive at this time?

We back our services with the money-back guarantee, which can invoke if we don’t deliver within the specified time frame.

Are they going to be added all at once, or spread out?

Spread out over the delivery period – it’s important to keep things looking as authentic as possible.

Can I see an example of the work you provide?

We don’t provide examples of completed projects for reasons of privacy protection and anonymity.

What will my new Instagram Followers and Likes look like?

Exactly the same as any Likes or followers you would earn organically. We specialize exclusively in authentic social proof that’s no different than the real thing.

Are people going to know that I bought Likes or Followers?

No – unless you decide to tell them yourself, it will be impossible to detect that you bought Followers or Likes.

Will the Followers I buy interact or engage with my account?

No – the Followers you buy will not interact with your account, your posts or any of your existing Followers.

What if I lose my new Likes or followers?

This does sometimes happen if the owners of the accounts decide to stop following you of their own choosing. Our retention guarantee means any Followers or Likes you lose will replace for its duration.

What if I want my money back?

Our satisfaction guarantee has you covered, if we’re unable to deliver the Instagram Followers or Likes, you order within the agreed time period.

Post-Order Questions and Responses

We’re firm believers in the importance of aftercare – part of the service package often overlooked by social sellers. In the case of MediaMister, we sent our usual list of post-order questions to evaluate their performance – the answers to which you’ll find below:

Our Questions

How long can expect the Likes and followers to stay?

Our retention guarantee covers all Followers you buy for the first 180 days. In most instances, they’ll stick with your account indefinitely, though.

What if Instagram removes them?

It’s never have happened in the history of our company. The Followers and Likes we provide are authentic, therefore undetectable from the real thing.

Do you offer discounts on repeat orders?

Yes – we’re always happy to offer special rates for bulk orders and repeat orders alike. Just let us know what you need, and we’ll e-mail you a coupon code.

Which other services would you recommend for my account?

Instagram Comments and Shares could maximize the effectiveness of the Followers you bought. Let us know if you need any help with your next order.

Order Recommendations

The services of MediaMister marketed towards businesses and private customers alike. The Followers and Likes provided were as authentic and believable as any we’ve seen, which was particularly impressive given the low prices.

Daily Turnaround Time

We were told to expect completion of delivery within 72 hours, though it actually took just over 40 hours for our new Likes and Followers to added. In total, MediaMister added 1,043 new Followers and 1,011 Likes to our account – 43 and 11 more than we ordered respectively.

Quality of Instagram Followers

After looking into the quality and authenticity of the Likes and followers provided by MediaMister, we couldn’t have been more satisfied. Every profile we studied had its own unique name and profile picture, along with Followers of its own and plenty of evidence of activity.

We dropped a handful of Followers within the first month or so, but MediaMister over-delivered in the first place, so we’re still way over our initial order quantity.


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There are two things that stood out most of all while working with MediaMister. The first of which is the quality and authenticity of the Likes and Followers provided – perhaps the best we’ve come across to date. In addition, we found the combination of satisfaction guarantees and superb customer support to be extremely reassuring.

Retention guarantees, a dynamic catalog of services, an established reputation and track-record – all attributes that paint a positive picture of this experienced social seller. Judging from our own experience at least, we wouldn’t hesitate in recommending MediaMister to anyone looking to buy Instagram Likes or Followers. Or for that matter, any kind of social proof for promotional purposes!


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User Ratings:

(Rated 4.8 / 5 based on 5 customer reviews)

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  • Jeffrey Bates:
    My online business was very moderate and wanted to push my brand further. I should accept that Mediamister is magic; this has increased my followers as well as views of my product by more than 75 percent in the last 2 months.
  • Audra Laflamme:
    I am involved with the Video marketing and followers are very important for me. Mediamister serves well to showcase my projects to my increasing followers. Without your help I would have not got these many followers. Thanks a bunch.
  • Anthony Hohman:
    Amazing delivery. I ordered the likes package under the impression that it would take much time. To my surprise, the likes delivered like a storm and am very much satisfied with the service.
  • Michael Towers:
    I really had least number of followers on my Instagram page. Mediamister really helped me to get the 1000 followers for my first order. Since then the followers are in increasing trend. Thank you so much for boosting my page.
  • Rene Greco:
    I ordered 5000 followers to my Instagram page and they delivered this within the time frame. This really impressed me and makes me to order it one more time.