We understand that the process of buying Followers, Likes and comments on Instagram raises a number of questions. Listed below, you’ll find an overview of the most frequently asked questions on the subject, along with the respective answers for each:


Will Instagram suspend my account if I buy auto Likes?

Absolutely not. As long as you buy auto Likes of the highest quality from a top-rated service provider, there is no risk whatsoever to your account. It’s a case of ensuring you only buy premium-quality auto Likes that are undetectable from the real thing, rather than investing in the kind of low-grade social proof that can be spotted from a mile away.

Will anyone know that I have bought Instagram auto Likes?

Again, the answer depends on the quality of the service provider you work with. If you invest in low-grade social proof from a substandard service provider, you could land yourself and your account in trouble. By contrast, stick with a top-rated service provider with an established reputation and it’s unlikely anyone will ever detect that you have bought Instagram auto Likes.

What should I look for in a social seller?

Two things matter more than anything else – the first of which being authenticity. If the social proof being provided isn’t authentic and credible, you could be headed for trouble. In addition, responsible service providers always back their services with various warranties and guarantees for total peace of mind. And of course, it’s important to consult as many reviews and ratings as necessary, before deciding who to work with.

Does it work to buy auto-likes for Instagram?

In a word, yes! Auto Likes differ from standard Likes in that they are added to the posts you publish automatically. The clue being in the name! Buying auto Likes represents a powerful and effective marketing strategy for new Instagram accounts, looking to get things up and running in the first place. Alternatively, it can be the perfect way of boosting the performance and authority of an existing Instagram account. Thousands of businesses and private users worldwide are already doing it – why not join them?

How and when are the Likes delivered?

The delivery process differs significantly from one service provided to the next, so it’s important to check out the specifics of each. You’ll find all the information you need in our independent reviews.

Why should I trust your reviews?

For two reasons – the first of which being our prior track-record of getting scammed on a regular basis! We’ve learned a lot from our trials and errors over the years, so we know exactly what it takes to avoid spam services and stay safe. In addition, we’re not actually selling or promoting anything. We provide nothing but 100% independent and impartial reviews and ratings – transparent information you can trust.

Will my account be suspended or banned?

You only stand to face penalties or suspension of your account if it becomes clear you’ve used low-grade, fraudulent social proof to gain a competitive edge. As such, the key to avoiding this lies in steering clear of fake and fraudulent social proof at all costs. Just as long as you stick with authentic Likes from a provider you can trust, there’s zero risk of getting banned or suspended.

How does it all work?

Again, order and delivery processes vary from one service provided to the next. In most instances however, it’s simply a case of placing your order, providing the seller with the relevant links and sitting back to watch the magic happen.


Will Instagram suspend my account if I buy Followers?

As long as you exclusively buy real Instagram Followers from verified and active accounts worldwide, you face absolutely no risk of account closure or suspension. That said, load your account with spammy social proof of the lowest quality and yes – you could find yourself in trouble. So once again, the importance of working exclusively with leading specialists you can trust cannot be overstated.

Will anyone know I’m buying Instagram Followers?

Premium social proof is designed to be 100% undetectable from the real thing. The way it is both crafted and delivered gives others no indication whatsoever that it has been purchased. So, if you buy the best Instagram Followers money can buy, nobody will have any idea you bought them. It’s a different story entirely when it comes to fraudulent and spammy Followers, which are best avoided at all costs.

What’s most important when looking for a provider?

In this area of digital marketing, reputation counts for a lot. It’s imperative that you work with an established and reputable social media specialist, with a strong track record and plenty of customer recommendations. In addition, ensure that the seller in question specializes in authentic social proof you can trust, ideally backed by retention warranties and money-back guarantees.

What do purchased Instagram Followers Look like?

As mentioned previously, the very best Instagram Followers are completely undetectable from the real thing. Full bios, unique images, Followers of their own and so on – just like any other Instagram users. On the opposite side of the spectrum, fraudulent and spammy Followers may have very few or zero uploaded images, no bio, no Followers and may clearly be following a suspicious number of accounts. Suffice to say, the latter makes it relatively easy to spot who’s buying low-grade social proof for promotional purposes.

Does buying Followers on Instagram really work?

If you do it right, buying Instagram Followers could turn out to be one of the smartest business decisions you ever make. Particularly if dealing with a new or poor-performing Instagram account, why not follow the examples of successful social media stars worldwide? If you think buying Instagram Followers is a rare technique, you’ve no idea are wrong you are! Millions of people worldwide buy Instagram Followers on a regular basis, in order to remain competitive and relevant on the platform. It’s entirely up to you whether you take the initiative and do likewise.

How does it work?

The delivery process tends to be relatively similar with most reputable service providers. It’s simply a case of placing your order for the required number of Followers, providing your Instagram username and watching the magic happen. Depending on who you work with, your new Followers could begin arriving in a matter of minutes, instantly and permanently boosting the performance of your profile.

What if I lose the Followers I buy?

It can happen – particularly when buying authentic Instagram Followers from active accounts worldwide. If the respective owner of the account chooses to do so, they’ve every right to unfollow your Instagram account. Nevertheless, every decent social specialist compensates for such eventualities with retention guarantees. If you lose any Followers while the retention guarantee is active, they’re replaced for free. Always check retention policies before buying.

Why should I trust your reviews?

We’ve been working closely with Instagram and Instagram users since the platform first launched in 2010. Our experience and expertise extend to every trick in the book, when it comes to social media marketing and advertising. Not only this, but we’re also a fully-independent service provider with no direct ties or affiliations. We’ve nothing to gain by telling anything other than the truth – we’re not even selling any products or services! We’re simply here to help Instagram users avoid getting scammed like we’ve been in the past.

Will my account be closed or suspended?

In theory, nothing about buying Instagram Followers has the capacity to get you banned. The reason being that everything takes place 100% off-site, meaning there’s technically no way of controlling who follows you and who doesn’t. That said, any evidence of spammy or fraudulent Followers could definitely land you in trouble, so should be avoided at all costs.

What happened with the ‘Instapurge’?

Instagram occasionally takes aim at fake and spammy accounts, removing them from the platform permanently. In 2014, they hit the headlines worldwide by deleting a huge 10 million accounts. Which in turn wiped all social proof sourced from these accounts from the face of the earth. To avoid such eventualities, buy the best and only the best.


Is my account at risk if I buy Instagram Likes?

If you buy real Instagram Likes from authentic and verified accounts, the answer is no. Authentic social proof is undetectable from the real thing and therefore cannot land you or your account in any kind of trouble. By contrast, attempting to boost your performance with fraudulent and spammy Likes from a substandard service provider is a dangerous move for any Instagram user.

Will anyone figure out I’m buying Instagram Likes?

As mentioned above, it all comes down to the service provider you work with. If you buy nothing but the best Instagram Likes money can buy, it will be impossible to differentiate them from the real thing. However, if you buy bargain-basement Likes from a low-grade seller, chances are they’ll be spotted as fakes from a mile away.

What should I be looking for in an Instagram provider for Likes?

An established reputation, a proven track-record and the provision of warranties. They should also be committed exclusively to authentic social proof of the highest quality. The quickest and easiest option for pinpointing the very best social sellers on the market is to use the ratings and recommendations of customers and independent experts alike.

Does buying Instagram actually Likes work?

Not only does it work, but it could have the most dramatic effect on your performance on the platform. Instagram Likes and social proof in general hold the power to propel your content and your profile straight into the spotlight. Particularly for newer accounts and those that are underperforming, social proof really can make all the difference. Large and small businesses worldwide now regularly buy social proof for a simple reason…it works!

How are the Instagram Likes delivered?

Most capable social media specialists follow a relatively standard delivery process. It’s simply a case of placing your order for the required number of Instagram Likes, providing the seller with the links to the relevant posts and giving it a day or two for things to start moving. In most instances, the delivery process is completed within 2 to 3 days.

Can I lose the Likes that I buy?

Technically you can, although it’s extremely rare for it to happen. As previously mentioned, leading social media specialists compensate for such eventualities by providing customers with retention guarantees. If you lose any of your Instagram Likes while the retention guarantee is active, they’ll be replaced instantly by the service provider at no extra charge.

Why should I trust your reviews?

We’re huge fans of Instagram and have been since day-one. Over the years, we’ve tried and tested hundreds of social media specialists, getting burned by spam sellers on countless occasions. We’ve developed a comprehensive understanding of how social proof works and how to put it to use on Instagram. Most importantly, we’re a 100% independent business and we’re not selling any products or services. We’re here entirely to help you find the best social sellers on the market for all purposes.

Will Instagram ban for buying Likes?

You only stand to get in trouble with Instagram if you make it abundantly clear you’ve used spammy social proof to promote your account. As such, just as long as you stick with a rated and reputable social media specialist, there’s no risk to your account whatsoever.


If you haven’t found the answers you need in the FAQ above, we’re standing by to help. Contact us any time and we’ll provide you with all the support you need!