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Buy Real Media ReviewBuy Real Media Review
December 25, 2019

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Buy Real Media Review

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Buy Real Media Review: In a Nutshell

Having somehow slipped under our radar, we came across Buy Real Media purely by accident. We were scouring the market for Instagram specialists and saw their name mentioned by a past customer. Intrigued, we thought we’d put them to the test personally. As usual, we set out with no specific expectations and a completely neutral perspective.

It’s now around four months since we placed our order with Buy Real Media and we’re yet to find cause for complaint. One of the most surprising Instagram specialists we’ve encountered so far, Buy Real Media simply does what it’s supposed to do. Quality social signals, delivered promptly and backed by solid customer support. A pretty simple recipe, but one that’s sadly beyond the capabilities of most social sellers. At least, in our experience!

Buy Real Media Review: In Depth

About Buy Real Media

After doing a little digging, we discovered that Buy Real Media was launched in the summer of 2018. Owned and operated by a trio of experienced social media marketing agents, Buy Real Media covers pretty much every platform on the market. In this instance though, we were only interested in their promotional products for Instagram. We placed an order for 500 Instagram Followers and 500 Instagram Likes, keeping a close eye on everything that took place from start to finish.

As mentioned at the start, we found it incredibly difficult to pick fault with any aspect of the service package. If anything, you could say that the prices quoted at Buy Real Media are a little higher than those of comparable Instagram specialists. Nevertheless, Buy Real Media promises the kind of quality and committed support you will not find elsewhere. To our surprise – and all to the credit of Buy Real Media – this turned out to be exactly the case.

Service Plans

Instagram users can order an extensive range of social signals to enhance the performance of their profiles, or their individual posts. There are also plenty of additional services available for most other major social platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and so on. Targeted (regional) social signals are available from a variety of key markets worldwide, along with the option of combining multiple products into one custom package.

Terms and Guarantees

We took a close look at the terms and conditions published by Buy Real Media, which often turn out to be an important eye-opener. Nothing out of the ordinary to report, just a handful of concise yet important documents about the obligations of the customer and the service provider. There was also plenty of information regarding Buy Real Media’s privacy policy and its two-way warranty that accompanies every purchase:

Terms and Conditions

  • A standard terms of service document, detailing how the products and services or Buy Real Media can and cannot be used by the customer.
  • Buy Real Media makes it clear that only those authorised to do so can purchase social signals and promotional services for Instagram accounts.
  • The company accepts no liability for any eventuality that may occur due to the use or misuse of the Instagram services provided.

Privacy Policy

  • Buy Real Media expresses its complete commitment to the Privacy, security and anonymity of its customers.
  • Under no circumstances will customers’ private data be sold or distributed to third-parties for marketing purposes.

Refund Policy

  • Customers have the right to claim a refund from Buy Real Media in any instance where delivery of the products purchased is delayed or disrupted due to the actions or inactions of the company.
  • Buy Real Media reserves the right to deny refund requests in cases where delays or failure to deliver occur due to circumstances beyond the company’s direct control.

Retention Policy

  • Any Instagram Followers (or similar social signals) that drop within the first 180 days following delivery will be replaced by the company at no additional charge.
  • It is the responsibility of customer to note and report any dropped Instagram Followers as they occur.


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Customer Support

Customer support provision is a good way of gauging a seller’s commitment (or otherwise) to customer satisfaction. Prior to placing an order, we send a series of basic questions of the service providers we work with and await their responses. Which, in some instances, never materialise. In the case at Buy Real Media, we were satisfied with the responses provided and the company’s response times accordingly.

Pre-Order Questions and Responses

The specific questions we asked and the answers we were provided with are outlined below:

Our Questions

When will you start adding my new Instagram Followers?

We’ll begin adding the first of your Followers as soon as you place your order. Adding 500 new Followers shouldn’t take more than a couple of days.

Can you explain your refund policy?

If you don’t receive the products you order within the timeframe agreed at the point of payment, we’ll give you your money back. Just let us know if you experience any problems along the way.

How does it work?

When you place your order, you’ll indicate which Instagram profile and/or posts you want us to promote. We’ll then start adding your new Followers and Likes etc. using our own private accounts.

Can you show me a sample of your Instagram Followers?

Sadly not – doing so could jeopardise the anonymity and privacy of our customers.

Will anyone be able to tell I bought Instagram Followers?

Unless you tell them personally, there’s no way they’ll know. We ensure that the Instagram Followers we provide are 100% authentic and identical to the real thing.

What do you mean by authentic Instagram Followers?

We’ve never used bots and algorithms to provide fake Followers. We instead do things manually, using 100% real Instagram accounts to provide authentic Followers of the highest quality.

Can Instagram close my account?

No. The services we provide are engineered to comply with all terms and conditions set out by Instagram. So no matter what, your account is safe.

Post-Order Questions and Responses

After we placed our order and completed the payment process, we sent a few more questions to Buy Real Media to test their aftercare service. Once again, we were provided with prompt responses to each of our questions, which you’ll find outlined below:

Our Questions

What if the Followers I buy start unfollowing me?

It’s possible you might lose a few along the way, but most will stick around for a long time. We’ll replace any you lose in the first 180 days for free.

Will the Instagram Followers I View or Like my photos?

Unlikely. Buying Followers is a good way of presenting your profile as credible and popular, but the Followers you buy won’t interact with your posts.

Is it safe to buy Instagram Followers and Likes?

If the Instagram Followers and Likes you buy are real, then yes – it’s safe. We only ever provide Followers and Likes from genuine, active Instagram accounts.

How does targeted social proof work?

If you’re looking to appeal to UK Instagram users, it makes sense to buy UK Instagram Followers etc. Or from any other location as you need.

Can I get a special deal on a combined order?

No problem, just send us an email with the details of the order you want to place. We’ll come up with a special price for you.

Order Recommendations

We only tested Buy Real Media’s Instagram services, but there were dozens (maybe hundreds) of other products to choose from. They really came though where it mattered – quality, prompt delivery, customer support etc. – so we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them. Don’t be put off by the slightly higher prices – you get what you pay for!

Daily Turnaround Time

Buy Real Media told us to expect new Followers from around the two-hour mark. It was actually about 90 minutes after we paid that they started arriving, with the full balance being completed in around 36 hours. A total of 521 new Followers were added to our Instagram account, along with 513 Likes for the post we specified. No extra charge in either case.

Quality of Instagram Followers

During the delivery process, we carefully assessed the quality of at least 50 of the Instagram Followers added by Buy Real Media. In all instances, we saw complete profiles, unique names and profile pictures, posts and Followers of their own, recent activity and so on. Completely convincing and as good-looking as the real thing – exactly as promised.

Retention Rate

We haven’t tested Buy Real Media’s retention policy as we’re still above the 100% mark from our initial order.


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Roughly summarised, Buy Real Media exceeded our expectations from start finish. We cannot stress enough the importance of focusing on quality and value for money, rather than simply buying the cheapest Followers and Likes you can find.

If you want to spam your Instagram with garbage, look elsewhere. If you’re happy to pay a slightly higher price for the best Instagram signals on the market, go check out Buy Real Media.


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  • john:
    Services is good
  • Guy Morales:
    I am satisfied with their customer support team. They are responding to all my questions perfectly and handing their clients with care and respect.
  • Christine Hall:
    I liked their Youtube and Instagram Services! I was happy with what I got and what I paid for. Great job.