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Looking to tap into the power of social proof for the benefit of your Instagram account? Use our in-depth buy Instagram Comments Reviews to find out all you need to know about the market’s leading social sellers. We’ve done the hard work, so you don’t have to, putting dozens of Instagram specialists to the test to see which make the grade. In our buy Instagram Comments Reviews, you’ll find comprehensive information on how some of the biggest brands in business perform when put to the test. Trust our fully-independent reviews to help you make the best possible decision for the benefit of your account, pinpointing the perfect seller for your needs in seconds!

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Why have we selected these as the top-three best sites to buy Instagram Comments? Having reviewed their products and services in detail, we’re confident in their capacity to get the job done. To us, the best site to buy Instagram Comments is a seller that has an established reputation, understands the importance of authenticity and stops at nothing to maximize both quality and value for money. We take customer support, simplicity and reliability extremely seriously while carrying out our reviews. Each of the above three social sellers has excelled in all areas that count. You’ll find more information about each respectively by checking out our full reviews.

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Buy Instagram Comments – Pros & Cons

Buying social proof like Instagram comments is a practice that has always split the market right down the middle. Some see it as an unstoppable promotional tool for the savvy business, and others will tell you it’s both unethical and dangerous. In truth, there are certain inevitable advantages and disadvantages that accompany buying Instagram comments, which we’ve outlined in full below:

The Pros

  • Along with all other types of social proof, buying comments on Instagram can be a great way of kickstarting new accounts, or rejuvenating underperforming Instagram accounts. It’s a quick and easy way of getting things off the ground in the first place.
  • Instagram comments have a massive impact on social credibility, clearly demonstrating the fact that your work is generating discussion and engagement. Perfect for influencing new followers and customers.
  • When you buy custom Instagram comments, you benefit from the unique opportunity to say as many positive things as you like about your posts. Brilliant for generating positive PR and boosting your perceived value.
  • Evidence has shown that when Instagram posts feature comments, they’re far more likely to generate organic comments from other users. The bandwagon effect compelling those who find your posts to join the conversation.
  • Comments also have a direct impact on the likelihood of the post in question shared among larger Instagram audiences. Get it right, and comments can even increase viral potential.
  • When used in conjunction with other examples of social proof, Instagram comments to ensure your posts and your profile benefit from maximum credibility and authenticity. In the absence of comments, your social proof may come across as artificial.
  • Compared to the vast majority of marketing tools and strategies, buying Instagram comments can be incredibly cost-effective. Social proof, in general, is delivering an unbeatable ROI.

The Cons

  • Depending on who you buy Instagram comments from, you may provide with comments from inactive accounts, as opposed to real people. It’s therefore important to verify authenticity, before placing your order.
  • If you buy substandard comments from a low-grade service provider, you may provide with low-quality comments that do nothing for the credibility or value or your content.
  • Instagram comments are only effective when used in conjunction with other types of social proof. For the comments you buy to look credible, you’ll also need a decent-sized audience and other evidence of engagement.
  • Critics argue that buying social proof in all its forms is unethical and underhanded. As such, it’s important to keep such activities under wraps, in order to protect your reputation and preserve your authority.
  • Of course, it isn’t uncommon to encounter spam sellers and frauds in this line of business. So once again, you need to be extremely careful with regard to who you work with if you decide to go ahead and buy Instagram comments.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

It’s natural to have a variety of questions and concerns in mind if looking to buy Instagram comments for your account. Outlined below, you’ll find an overview of some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Instagram comments and their respective answers:

Will Instagram ban my account if I buy comments?

The whole point of buying Instagram comments is doing so in a manner that comes across as 100% authentic. If it’s painfully obvious you’ve bought a ton of low-grade comments from a spammy seller, you could end up in trouble. By contrast, but real Instagram comments of the highest quality and you’re completely safe.

Will other people know I’m buying Instagram comments?

Again, it’s up to you and you alone to ensure that you buy Instagram comments from a service provider you can count on. Make the right choice, and nobody will ever know you bought Instagram comments. At the opposite end of the scale, stock up on fake comments of zero relevance, and it’ll be entirely obvious that you bought them.

What are the main features I should look for in an Instagram comments seller?

You can save a lot of time by following the advice and recommendations of past and present customers. If they’ve earned the approval and acclaim of those they’ve worked with before, you’re probably looking at a solid seller. In addition, check out what said about the authenticity of the comments, along with any mention of satisfaction guarantees, retention guarantees, refund policies, etc.

Does buying Instagram comments really work?

Buying Instagram comments can be enormously beneficial for just about any post or account. However, comments need to use in conjunction with other types of social proof, in order to optimise their performance. You’ll need a decent audience of followers, a fair few likes and other evidence of engagement and interaction if you’re to make the most of your Instagram comments. Nevertheless, get it right, and Instagram comments can generate engagement and interest like nothing else.

How does it work?

It’s simply a case of nurturing engagement and discussion. When Instagram users come across a post that’s attracted countless comments, they’re naturally more likely to join the conversation and take the post seriously. Posts with no comments whatsoever doing little to engage the average Instagram user.

Can I lose the comments that I buy?

No. Unless you personally request the removal of comments – which is something you’re highly unlikely to do – it’s borderline impossible for comments to lost along the way. When you buy Instagram comments, you’re typically looking at permanent comments.

Why should I trust your reviews?

Two reasons – the first of which being that we’ve specialised in Instagram account enhancement since day-one. So we’re confident in saying we know what we’re talking about. Secondly, we’re not actually selling anything. We’re 100% independent and have no direct ties or affiliations with any social sellers. Which is why we’re not ashamed to tell it like it is – even if it means being brutally honest, sometimes!

How are Instagram comments delivered?

The delivery process differs significantly from one service provided to the next. Depending on who you work with, you’ll be offered anything from computer-generated garbage to expert-written comments to the option of customising your own comments in any way you like. For obvious reasons, the higher the quality and authenticity of the comments, the better. Instagram comments should always be delivered over a period of time, rather than dumped onto your posts all in one go.


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