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Buy Instagram Followers review you can count on, provided by an independent team of social specialists. If looking to boost the performance of your Instagram account with safe, effective and affordable followers, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve scoured the market to find only the most reliable and reputable social sellers, delivering the kind of social proof that can make all the difference. We’re firm believers in the importance of quality and value for money, so be sure to check out our reviews and recommendations for the advice you can trust! Read on and learn all you need to know in our fully-independent buy Instagram Followers reviews!

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We’ve worked hard to pinpoint the most capable and reliable social sellers on the web. If looking for the best site to buy Instagram Followers, each of the three front-runners above has demonstrated its capacity to deliver the goods. We assess and evaluate the best sites to buy Instagram Followers in accordance with what really matters. The authenticity of Instagram Followers, customer support quality, reputation among past and present customers, value for money and so on. Each of the three listed above has an established track record and a reputation for the highest-quality Instagram Followers at affordable prices. Having put them to the test personally, we’re happy to provide each with our full support and recommendation.

Why should I buy Instagram Followers or Likes?

The main reason people worldwide buy Instagram Likes and Followers is to get their Instagram accounts off to the strongest possible start. Or if you already have an Instagram account up and run, to give it an immediate and ongoing performance-boost. With such enormous competition from Instagram account holders all over the world, it merely makes sense to do whatever it takes to gain a competitive edge.

Contrary to popular belief, buying Instagram Followers and Likes isn’t simply about buying a ‘fake’ audience. Instead, it’s about providing your posts and your profile with the credibility and visibility needed to stand out from the crowd. If you have thousands of Followers and Likes, you’re inherently more likely to be taken seriously and if you have no Followers at all.

In both private and professional capacities, therefore, buying Instagram Followers and Likes can make all the difference.

How does it work?

The hardest part is finding an established and reputable service provider you can trust. Precisely why we’ve reviewed and rated the market in its entirety for your convenience! After which, it’s simply a case of providing your chosen seller with a link to your profile or post. The Followers or Likes you buy will then gradually added over the next couple of days.

Remember: as everything takes place off-site, there is no reason why you should ever be asked to disclose any private information, like your account password. If this happens, under no circumstances should you provide it – walk away and never look back!

What if I lose the Followers that I buy?

Every now and again, some of the Followers you purchase may drop from your account. Particularly If you choose to buy real Instagram Followers, as it’s ultimately up to the account holder to decide if and for how long they stay.

In most instances, however, the Followers you buy will stick around indefinitely. What’s more, some of the better service providers on the market back their Instagram Followers with a retention guarantee. Which means that if you lose any of the Followers you buy within the first few months, or so, they’ll be replaced free of charge.

So once again, it’s important to know who you are working with.

Why should I trust your reviews?

For two important reasons – the first of which is our experience in the field. Having been ripped-off and scammed dozens of times, we know what it takes to avoid dodgy dealers and stay safe. We’ve also tried and tested hundreds of social sellers and specialists, building a complete picture of what it takes to enhance and improve performance on the world’s biggest social networks.

In addition, we’re not in it for the money. We don’t actually sell anything at all! Everything we provide is 100% for the benefit of our readers – honest, impartial and objective advice you can trust. What’s more, we also welcome the feedback and recommendations/warnings from our customers.

If you come across a social seller, you’d like to tell the world about, feel free to get in touch!

The Pros and Cons of Buying Instagram Followers

The whole concept of buying Instagram Followers has always been controversial and most probably always will be. Despite the fact that everyone is at it these days, it’s not the kind of thing most businesses are willing to talk openly about. In addition, there are inevitable advantages and disadvantages of taking into account, should you choose to go ahead and buy real followers on Instagram .

Consider the following before making any final decisions:

The Pros

  • Buying Instagram Followers is the quickest and easiest way of kickstarting a new Instagram account. Why go overlooked and ignored, when you could just as easily boost your profile in an instant with thousands of Followers?
  • It’s also a great way of accelerating and enhancing the performance of existing Instagram accounts. If things are a little sluggish or stagnant, buying social proof could make all the difference.
  • Social proof, in general, is all about credibility. The more Followers your profile attracts, the more credible and authoritative it appears in the eyes of others. Which in turn inspires other Instagram users to follow you organically.
  • Whatever message you’re looking to send, it will have infinitely more power with social proof. Followers and Likes have enormous influence on the perceived value of whatever you have to offer, boosting your appeal in the eyes of others.
  • Metrics like Followers also contribute to higher rankings on Instagram. Or to put it another way, your posts and your profile are far more likely to be found in the first place, if you have plenty of social proof.
  • Instagram users are naturally more inclined to share posts and recommend profiles that are backed by strong social evidence. Further enhancing visibility and increase the likelihood of going viral.

The Cons

  • On the downside, most social specialists sell Followers that are not in fact real people. They instead use inactive accounts with fake profiles and images, rather than those that belong to actual Instagram users.
  • All the social proof in the world isn’t going to make a difference to the quality of your products and services. Social proof can help promote your work to others, but ultimately it’s up to you to deliver the goods quality-wise.
  • If it becomes apparent to the target audience that you’ve purchased social proof, it could have a dramatic impact on your reputation and performance.
  • Likewise, should Instagram itself detect that you are using artificial social evidence, your account could be penalized, or perhaps even suspended.
  • Critics continue to argue that buying social proof in any capacity is unethical and immoral. Some believe that unless you earn every example of social proof the old-fashioned way, it shouldn’t present on your profile.
  • Unsurprisingly, this is also an area of the industry where scam tactics are rife. It’s typically quite easy to avoid scammers, but you still need to have your wits about you to stay safe.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Anyone looking to buy Instagram Followers will probably have a fair few questions to ask beforehand. Listed below, you’ll find a selection of the most common questions asked by our readers, along with their respective answers:

Will Instagram close my account if I buy Followers?

Things only become risky if you buy fake and fraudulent social proof from spammy accounts. Hence, the importance of avoiding substandard service providers at all costs. If you buy the highest-quality social proof from an established and reputable seller, the Followers you buy will be undetectable from the real thing. In which case, your account will not close, as neither Instagram nor any of its user will ever know you bought Followers.

Will other people know I bought Instagram Followers?

Once again, it all depends on who you buy Instagram Followers from. If you work with a leading social media specialist with a flawless track-record, nobody will ever know you bought Instagram Followers. By contrast, invest in bargain-basement Followers from a dodgy dealer and yes – it will probably be easy to see that most of your Followers are fake.

What features should I be looking for in a provider?

Above all else, the positive feedback and recommendations of past customers. Authenticity is the most important quality when it comes to Followers and social proof in general, along with retention guarantees, satisfaction guarantees, commitment to customer support and privacy policies. All the kinds of things we investigate in detail and lay bare in our reviews.

What do purchased Instagram Followers Look like?

If you buy Instagram Followers of the highest quality from a leading service provider, they’ll look exactly the same as the real thing. The reason is that in every respect that matters, they are real. On the opposite side of the spectrum, Instagram Followers bought from spammy sellers can be spotted as fakes from a mile away. No pictures, no bio, no Followers – no credibility whatsoever. So once again, it in your best interests to be careful when deciding who you work with.

Does buying Instagram Followers work?

Yes – but only if you get it right when choosing a social seller. Buying Instagram Followers has the potential to kickstart new Instagram accounts like nothing else. Likewise, significantly increasing your follower-count can be a great way of boosting the performance of an existing account. Social proof, in general, is one of the most powerful and potentially-lucrative marketing tools of recent history. Use it proactively, and the results could be incredible.

How will my new Followers be delivered?

In most instances, it’s simply a case of providing a link to your profile, after which your new Followers will deliver over a period of a few days. If any social seller ever asks you for any of your passwords, don’t even think about handing it over. It’s a risk that simply isn’t worth taking.

Will I lose any of the Followers that I buy?

It’s perfectly possible – especially if you buy real Instagram Followers from authentic accounts. In such instances, whoever it is that’s in charge of the account may choose to stop following you at some point in the future. In reality, the overwhelming majority of Followers you buy will stick with your account indefinitely. Not only this, but the very best service providers on the market provide retention warranties for total peace of mind.

What does ‘retention guarantee’ mean?

In a nutshell, it means that if you lose any of the Followers you bought while the retention guarantee is active, they will be replaced by the seller for free. The duration of the retention guarantee will always vary from one seller to the next – anything from 14 days to 180 days.

Why should I trust your reviews?

Because we’re 100% independent and have nothing to gain by telling anything but the truth. What’s more, we’ve been scammed more times than we’d care to remember and we're currently on a mission to drive spammy operators out of the industry for good. We don’t sell products, and we don’t charge a penny for our services – we’re here for the benefit of our readers period.

Can I get banned?

Contrary to popular belief, buying Followers doesn’t actually break any of the rules and regulations set out by Instagram. After all, you have no direct control whatsoever as to who follows you and who doesn’t. Nevertheless, it’s a good idea to keep things as authentic-looking and discreet as possible – hence the value of working with a reputable service provider.

What was the Instapurge?

It refers to a mass account deletion by Instagram in 2014, when more than 10 million spammy or fake accounts deleted. None of our top-rated sellers’ social proof was affected by the Instapurge.

Will it work?

In terms of promoting your posts and your profile, the answer is yes! Social proof has the power to enormously improve your credibility and visibility on Instagram. When you buy Instagram Followers, you simply give your work every opportunity to be seen by your target audience. After which, it’s down to its quality to do the talking!


If you have any other questions you’d like to ask, Get in Touch with our dedicated customer support team and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible!